About me

César Puente

is an Amsterdam based bassist, composer, vocalist and recording artist.

Hailing from the desert city of Matehuala, San Luis Potosí, México, César Puente is an Amsterdam based bassist, composer, vocalist and recording artist. His first steps into music started playing the guitar at age 13, at age 17 cello and piano, to finally settle on the double bass at age 18. His eclectic tastes caused him to explore many diverse music genres and instruments.


César is a very versatile and creative musician: he is the bass player of The Hi-Stakes (rhythm & blues) Edson Ensemble (Classical/Jazz fusion) Doctor Velvet (Rock N’Roll) and the most recent project he is collaborating with is the Chieko Donker Duyvis Ensemble (World music), 

Puente has performed in renowned festivals in Mexico and The Netherlands. A representative list is the following:

In México, from 2013 to 2017:

·       7th Jazz Festival Aguascalientes, México

·       Ninth Free Music Festival, San Luis Potosí, México

·       Tenth Jazz and Blues Festival, Zacatecas, México

·       Youth Mexican Symphonic Orchestra, México

·       Advanced Jazz Workshops, given by Jazz at Lincoln Center, Mexico City, México.

Also performed in many European festivals, including:

·       Seekult Festival, Germany 2018

·       Brederodefeesten, Belgium 2018

·       Doesburg jazz, Netherlands 2019

.       Grachtenfestival 2020, 2021

.       Jazzfest Amsterdam, Netherlands 2021

.       Prinses Christina Jazz Concours, Netherlands 2022

Born in 1995 to a family of non-musical traditions, but nonetheless he gravitated to the art form as a child. One of his very first steps into music was with the school choir at age 8, from then on, he would listen to music for hours, to later become certain that music would be his life’s calling.

After finishing his bachelor studies, César is now pursuing a master's degree in jazz double bass at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, and works as an independent professional musician. Involved with various projects, he is developing his own composition and arranging style in which he fuses elements from Latin American pop music, jazz repertoire, and his classical inspirations as a cellist and double bassist. 

Sinds April 2022 César is playing on a double bass, made by René Zaal and a German bass bow made by Jan Strumphler. These are facilitated by the Nationaal Instrumenten Fonds